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DEWE MEDIEN GmbH is your reliable partner for video and audio content from Stuttgart. Because movies and good music simply belong together. We design and produce image, corporate, and industry films, advertising spots, and web videos, as well as radio ads, jingles, and audio content. With professional expertise from over 20 years of experience, and excellent quality every time. We are a full-service production company. From your initial idea to the final medium.

We are happy when our work not only pleases you but also works effectively in the target group. This is substantiated by numerous national and international awards.

Our goal is your successful film. And it is successful if it moves people. DEWE MEDIEN produces advertising films, image films, industry films, enterprise films, products films, training films, exhibition films, web videos, ad spots, and much more. We create concepts and scripts on the basis of your ideas and vision; depending on the requirements of the project we put a filming team together and handle the entire post-production. Take a look at examples of our work and be inspired.


> Streahle + Hess

> Produktfilm


> Weihnachten 2017

> Oasis


> DIWA.6

> Voith

> 25 Jahre Tigre Vermelho e.V.

> Tigre Vermelho e.V.

> The European Delivery Program

> Mercedes-Benz USA

> Starke Nerven für Ihre Füße

> Wörwag Pharma

> Ihr Evangelisches Gemeindeblatt

> Evangelisches Gemeindeblatt

> The Power of Diversity

> DaimlerChrysler Overseas

> SLK Händlervideo

> Mercedes-Benz

> DEWE MEDIEN Showreel "Hope"


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It takes an excellent team and outstanding technology to produce high-quality films. Consequently we trust dependable service providers and well-known hardware and software providers. We shoot your film with our own equipment. This makes us particularly flexible. And you can be sure that everything is perfectly matched to your film. Including your budget. Our implementation location is not restricted to Stuttgart. On request we are also on the go for you in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, or worldwide. At our editing suite we handle the entire postproduction: Editing, color correction, color grading, and mastering. Your film receives its final polish in our sound studio. Good audio belongs to every good image. We would also be pleased to rework your existing films with contemporary editing, a current narration, and new music. Schedule an appointment and get to know us. We look forward to your visit.

With audio content you achieve a long reach: Whether on the radio, via your telephone waiting loop, or online with a podcast. And you do it at comparatively low production costs. DEWE MEDIEN produces radio advertising, radio spots, podcasts, telephone waiting loops, jingles, scoring, audio books, and much more. On the basis of your briefing, we work out concepts for your audio project, cast professional narrators, research the right music, and handle the entire sound design, as well as the final mix. Listen to the work examples and contact us. We would be pleased to also produce your audio project.


> Veränderung

> Mercedes-Benz

> Rädereinlagerung

> Mercedes-Benz

> Siri

> Mercedes-Benz

> Universum

> Mercedes-Benz

> Umsteigen

> Mercedes-Benz

> Einladung zum Diebstahl

> Yello-Strom

> Draußen nur Kännchen

> Mercedes-Benz

> Kuss

> Mercedes-Benz

> Showreel Allongenproduktion


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In our sound studio we breathe life into your audio project. In this regard you profit from our great contacts to narrators, partner studios, and recording engineers. We can record voice either in our narrator booth or live via worldwide ISDN. At our audio editing suite we process and mix your audio project to meet your requirements. Well-known hardware and software providers, as well as the extensive experience of our employees are foundation of our work in this regard. As a customer, you will be there live for every work step: Either personally in the recording studio, per Skype conference, or on the telephone. You have full control of your audio project. Give us a call and schedule an appointment. You are cordially invited.

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